Major Project 2017
Project Nos. Title of Project
Major Project 2017/001 Redefining the Uplifting Mechanism Tool on Four way Lathe Tool Post
Major Project 2017/002 Friction Stir Welding of Al 6063
Major Project 2017/003 Study of Tribological Losses (Wear Analysis) of Automobile Disc Brake
Major Project 2017/004 Effect of Drilling Process Parameters on Burr Height and Dimesional Accuracy during dry and wet machining of Aluminium.
Major Project 2017/005 Friction Stir Processing (FSP) Study and its use in manufacturing of Metal Matrix Composite (MMC)
Major Project 2017/006 Design Analysis of Low Wind Turbine for Rooftops
Major Project 2017/007 CFD Analysis of Vehicle Soiling using open Foam
Major Project 2017/008 Effect of Ingate Flowability on Productivity Rate and Cost Optimization through Redesigning of Available Multipurpose Light
Major Project 2017/009 Joining of Disimilar Metal Aluminium to Copper by Friction Stire Wleding (FSW)
Major Project 2017/010 Study and Design of Human Detection Robot
Major Project 2017/011 Fabrication of Aluminium based Nano-Composite Reinforced with Biologically Synthesis silver Nano-particles
Major Project 2017/012 Experimental Investigation of the Surface Morphology and Burr height during milling of SS304
Major Project 2017/013 Design and Simulation of Solar Panel Cleaner
Major Project 2017/014 Pin on Disc Method for the Analysis of wear in Steel Alloys
Major Project 2017/015 Effect of process parameter on dimensional accuraacy and material removal role in wire electric discharge machining.
Major Project 2017/016 Production of Biodiesel
Major Project 2017/017 Atomizer faucet integrated with dual flow mode
Major Project 2017/018 Design and facrication of Automatic Tyre Inflation System
Major Project 2017/019 Automatic Side Stand Retrieval System
Major Project 2017/020 Design and Fabrication of transmission system of an ATV
Major Project 2017/021 Performance Evaluation of VCRS with variable capillary tube length
Major Project 2017/022 Waste Cooking oil/Biodiesel comparison of properities with standard
Major Project 2017/023 Study and Implementation of Lean Manufacturing in SME's
Major Project 2017/024 Automated Conveyor Belt Electromagnetic
Major Project 2017/025 Fabrication &Automation of Domestic LPG Leakage Detector
Major Project 2017/026 Customized Wheel Assembly for All Terrian Vehicle (Baja Vehicle)
Major Project 2017/027 Regenerative Hand Pump
Major Project 2017/028 Macro -Waste Removal System
Major Project 2017/029 Speed Sensitive Four Wheel Steering by Wire
Major Project 2017/030 Modified Air Cooler with split cooling unit
Major Project 2017/031 Optimisation of Wire Cut EDM using Taguchi method
Major Project 2017/032 Quadruped Robot
Major Project 2017/033 A study of Practices for Green Supply Chain in Indian Manufacturing Firms.
Major Project 2017/034 Design and Fabrication of Wind Turbine Along Roadside
Major Project 2017/035 Study of various parameters of surface grinders
Major Project 2017/036 Experimental Research of Processing on stir casted Aluminium based Metal Matrix Composite
Major Project 2017/037 Study of Effect of surface texturing on wear behavious of different Non-ferrous Alloys.
Major Project 2017/038 Comparative Analysis of Mechanical properties of weld bead Fabricated by MIG and TIG welding
Major Project 2017/039 Effect of Active Fluxes on Foam Factor of Weld bead in MIG welding
Major Project 2017/040 CNG Programmed Automatic Drilling Machine
Major Project 2017/041 Study of effect of input parameters on diffeent outputs of workpiece using EDM.
Major Project 2017/042 Improvement in Mechanical properties of Aircraft Grade Aluminium by additions of sic and observe its property changes
Major Project 2017/043 Analysis of the critical factors for itegration of sustainablity with lean practices for Indian Manufacturing Indusries
Major Project 2017/044 Design and fabrication of Gear Cutting attachement for Lathe
Major Project 2017/045 Optimisation of Process parameters of Lathe turning operation using response surface methodology
Major Project 2017/046 Design and Fabrication of Working Model of Abrasive Jet Machining
Major Project 2017/047 Motorised Hydraulic Electric Crane
Major Project 2017/048 Study of various Parameters and its effect on MRR of EDM Machine
Major Project 2017/049 Foot Step Electricity Generation
Major Project 2017/050 Automatic Pneumatic Bumper Car
Major Project 2017/051 Comparison of different methods to increase the wear resistance of ferrous materials
Major Project 2017/052 Study and Application of MR Fluid in an Automobile breaking system
Major Project 2017/053 Experimental investigation Friction Stir weldments of Al.Composite
Major Project 2017/054 Remotely Operated Medical Diagnosis System for Rural India
Major Project 2017/055 Design of Spherical Robot for Survelliance and as a Companion
Major Project 2017/056 Seed sowing machine
Major Project 2017/057 Optimization of Milling Process of AISI1040 Carbon Steel
Major Project 2016
Project Nos. Title of Project
Major Project 2016/001 Fabrication of An All Terrain Amphibious Rover
Major Project 2016/002 Ball Throwing Machine
Major Project 2016/003 FloornSweeping Mobile Robot
Major Project 2016/004 Robotic Arm
Major Project 2016/005 Design Construction And Structure Analysis of Twin Rotor UAV
Major Project 2016/006 Die Tool for Copper Electric Contractor Spare Parts
Major Project 2016/007 Automated Floor Cleaner
Major Project 2016/008 Flexible Anti Theft Gear Cycle
Major Project 2016/009 Design And Fabrication of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with Repairable Characterstics
Major Project 2016/010 Automated Railway Crossing
Major Project 2016/011 Design of Electromagnetic Regenerative Shock Absorbers
Major Project 2016/012 Integrated Automatic Car Jack
Major Project 2016/013 Design and Fabrication of a Baja Vehicle Wheel Assembly
Major Project 2016/014 Energy Generation from Speed Breaker
Major Project 2016/015 Production Time Reduction in Assembly Line Using TQM Techniques
Major Project 2016/016 To Analyse the Impact of Information and Communication Tools on Indian Manufacturing Small and Medium Scale  Enterprises by Considering  Various Factors Affecting its Usage
Major Project 2016/017 Implementation of Value Stream Mapping for Lean Management in Industries
Major Project 2016/018 Defect Reduction Using Six Sigma Methodology in AN SSI
Major Project 2016/019 Scope and Improvement in Corrugated Fibreboard Box Plant
Major Project 2016/020 To study the Effect of Indian Government Policies on Indian Startups and Small Scale Industries and their Effectiveness Against Major Problems Faced by Indian Startups in Global Scenario
Major Project 2016/021 Modelling of Determinants for Sustainable Oriented Innovation in Indian Manufacturing MSMEs
Major Project 2016/022 To Analyze the Problems and Risks of Small & Medium Enterprises
Major Project 2016/023 Cost Saving and Yield Improvement in Industrial Components using VA/VE
Major Project 2016/024 Experimental Investigation of Surface Morphology of Aluminium Based Metal Matrix Composite using Regression Analysis
Major Project 2016/025 Investigating the Design of Experiment for EDM
Major Project 2016/026 Optimisation of Process Parameters on Performance measures of Electrical Discharge Machining by Using Taguchi Technique
Major Project 2016/027 Investigation of Tensile Strength of Bamboo Fiber Reinforced Epoxy (BFRE) Composites and Fabrication of a Pen Barrel
Major Project 2016/028 Comparative Analysis of Pressure Die Casting (PDC) and Pneumatic Centrifugal Casting on a Ceiling Fan Rotor
Major Project 2016/029 Study and Optimisation of Machining Parameters in END Milling Operation
Major Project 2016/030 Automatic Drilling Machine 
Major Project 2016/031 Optimazion of Process Parameters of CNC END Milling for AL6061 Alloy
Major Project 2016/032 Analysis of a Journal Bearing under HydroDynamic Lubrication: Theory and Experiment
Major Project 2016/033 PLC Controlled Bottling Plant
Major Project 2016/034 Case for the Quality Check of the Clutch Plate
Major Project 2016/035 Performance Evaluation of Organic Rankine Cycle Using Waste Heat
Major Project 2016/036 Designing and Fabrication of Regenerative Braking System
Major Project 2016/037 Potential Utilization of Sheesham Oil Bio-Diesel Blends in Unmodified Diesel Engine
Major Project 2016/038 Construction of a Thermo-Electric Refrigerator using Peltier Device
Major Project 2016/039 Thermoelectric Cooler
Major Project 2016/040 Compressed Air Engine
Major Project 2016/041 A case study Performance Evaluation of Boiler Feed Pump
Major Project 2015
Project Nos. Title of Project
Major Project 2015/001 An Optimization Approach for Process Parameters in Friction Stir Processing
Major Project 2015/002 An Optimization Approach for Tool Wear and Surface Morphology in Orthogonal Cutting Process
Major Project 2015/003 Automotive Thermoelectric Generator
Major Project 2015/004 Design and Fabrication of a Tool Uplifting Mechanism for Four Way Tool Post by Reverse Engineering
Major Project 2015/005 Design and Fabrication of Prosthetic Foot with Ankle
Major Project 2015/006 Design and Fabrication of RC Plane
Major Project 2015/007 Design and Manufacture of Pet Bottle Through Stretch Blow Moulding
Major Project 2015/008 Design and Study of Centralised Solar Panel Sytem for Street Lights of Sector 22 Rohini Delhi-110086
Major Project 2015/009 Design of Electric Solar Car
Major Project 2015/010 Design of Hydrogen Add-On System for Car Engines
Major Project 2015/011 Designing of Sign Language Translator Based on Anatomy of Human Hand
Major Project 2015/012 Development of a Scaled Prototype of an Amphibious Vehicle
Major Project 2015/013 Effect of Parameters on the Weld of Friction Stir Welding of Aluminium Alloy Final Project Report
Major Project 2015/014 Effect of Surface Morphology and MRR on AISI 52100 using Two Variants of Tool in EDM Process
Major Project 2015/015 Effect of Welding Parameters on Mechanical Properties of GMAW Dissimilar Weldments
Major Project 2015/016 Experimental Investigation and Taguchi Modelling in Drilling Hybrid Aluminium MMC
Major Project 2015/017 Fabrication and Analysis of Electromagnetic Engine
Major Project 2015/018 Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
Major Project 2015/019 Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System 
Major Project 2015/020 Mechanical Analysis of Drafting System of Ring Opening Machine
Major Project 2015/021 Moto Powered Multipurpose Wheel Chair
Major Project 2015/022 Optimizing Flywheel Design for use as Kers for a Bicycle
Major Project 2015/023 Regenerative E-Bicycle
Major Project 2015/024 Regression Analysis of Process Parameters of EDM Machining Process
Major Project 2015/025 Study and Fabrication of Trash Collector System
Major Project 2015/026 Study on Coordination issues for Flexibility in Supply Chain of TATA Iron and Steel Company and IOCL Limited: A Case Study
Major Project 2015/027 Study on Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM)
Major Project 2015/028 Study, Synthesis and Micro Structural Characterization of ZNO Nanoparticles
Major Project 2015/029 To Design and Fabricate Atmospheric Water Generator
Major Project 2015/030 To Design and Fabricate Stair Climbing Trolley
Major Project 2015/031 To Design and Febricate a High Speed Bicycle Drive Train
Major Project 2015/032 To Design. Analyse and Fabricate Flettner Rotor Wing UAV
Major Project 2015/033 To Design. Analyse and Fabricate Pneumatic Suspension Lift using Air Springs 
Major Project 2015/034 To Develop a Heat Pipe Test Rig and Evaluate the Performance of Heat Pipe in Different Orientations
Major Project 2015/035 To Fabricate Mechanized Stair Case Compatible Laod Carrier
Major Project 2015/036 To Fabricate Thermal Energy Storing Device using Phase Changing Materials
Major Project 2015/037 To Optimize Conventional Bumper Beam using Composite Materials
Major Project 2015/038 To Optimize the Effect of Process Parameters of WEDM on High Carbon Steel
Major Project 2015/039 To Optimize Various EDM Process Parameters on High Carbon Alloy Steel (EN-31)
Major Project 2015/040 To study and Analyse a Continuously Variable Transmission