12-14 Oct-2018   NBA Expert Team Visit
6-Oct-2018   Workshop on 'Advanced CFD Techniques' in Computer Services Centre (R No. 114)
4-Oct-2018   Campus Placement by 'Global Logic'
3-Oct-2018   Campus Placement by 'Mahindra Comviva'
29-Sep-2018   Essay Competition to mark 'Surgical Strike Day'
28-Sep-2018   Campus placement by 'W&H'
28-Sep-2018   Campus Placement by 'HT Media'
25-Sep-2018   Campus placement by 'Wipro'
21 to 22 -Sep 2018   Campus Placement by 'Accenture'
17-Sep-2018   Condolence Meeting to pay homage to Late Mr. Subash Tikoo (4:30 pm, Administrative Block)
12-Sep-2018   Campus Placement by 'LibSys'
17 to 24-Sep-2018   Mid Term Exams
7 to 28-Sep-2018   Essay Competition to mark 'Engineers Day'
7 to 28 Sep -018   Essay Competition to mark Hindi Diwas
5-Sep-2018   NTPC Electron Quiz Competition at NTPC Power Management Institute, Faridabad
4-Sep-2018   Teachers day Celebration in Main Auditorium, 3:00 pm onwards
31-Aug-2018   Quiz Competiion on Moodle for qualifying for NTPC Quiz (All Computer labs of MAE Deptt, 3:00 pm)


  Online Test for Campus Placement by 'ION Trading'
21 to 30-Aug-2018   Collection drive for Kerla Relief Fund
14-Aug-2018   Independence day Celebration and Patriotic Song Programme in Main Auditorium
14-Aug-2018   Lecture on  Moodle in Room No. 214 at 12:30 pm
11-Aug-2018   Lecture on 'Making Course page in Moodle' in Room No 214 at 12:30 pm
8-Aug-2018   Campus Placement by 'ZS Associate'
23-28-July-2018   FDP on 'Green Energy - Clean Energy' in Room no 114 
26-Jul-2018   Faculty Visit to NTPI Faridabad
12 to 13 - June-2018   Workshop on MS Office for Lab Assistants
25/05/2018   Talk on “India Marching towards becoming Vishwa Guru again”
19-May-2018   Students of MAE MAIT participatin in Mindrover Competition organised by TATA Motors, Pune
22-Apr-2018   MAIT Students Participation in BAJA International Competiion at Maryland 2018
12-Apr-2018   Workshop on “SCADA” in room no 235
12-Mar-2018   Workshop on “Robot Actuation with Solar PV System” in room no 235 at 2:00 pm
10-Feb-2018   OnLine Test for Certification Course on SCI Lab by IIT Bombay (All computer labs of Deptt, 9:30 am)
7 to 21 Feb 2018   Two weeks Self Defence Training Programme for Women by Delhi Police
18 to 19-Jan-2018   Lecture on Career Orientation in room no 242 at 3:00 pm
13-Nov-2017   Seminar on Modern Prototyping Techniques (Venue: Mechatronics Lab)
5-Oct-2017   Industrial Visit to Mother Dairy Plant
2-Jun-2017   MAE MAITStudents participation in IIF at Incubatin Centre, DTU
27-Apr-2017   MAE MAIT students participation in SAE International Competiion at California USA
31-Mar-2017   Lecture on “An overview on CBT simulator of 210 MW Thermal Power Plant” in room no 235 at 3:00 pm
18-Mar-2017   Industrial Visit of MAE MAIT students to Relaxo Footwear and PPCL, Bhawana
16-Mar-2017   Students participation in International Conference ICMPC, Hyderabad
12-Mar-2017   MAE MAIT stdents participation in Jugaadathon
17 to 18 feb 2017   Workshop on “Robotics-Line Followers” in mini Auditorium from 9:00 am onwards
8-Oct-2016   Lecture on “Robotics and Automation” in room no 241 at 3:00 pm
27-Aug-2016   Workshop on “Industrial Aspects related to Mechatronics”
31-May-2016   MAE MAIT students participation in SAE BAJA Competition at Rochester, USA
12-Mar-2016   Industrial Visit to Ruskin Titus
16-Feb-2016   MAE MAIT students participation SAE BAJA event, Indore
22-Jan-2016   MAE-MAIT students paper presentation in Conference ISFT, Pusa Delhi
23-Dec-2016   Students visit to Auto Expo
11-Oct-2015   Inter College BTech Project Competition 2015
12-Sep-2015   Industrial Visit To Daikin Air Conditioners
20-Jan-2015   SAE BAJA Competition at Jamshedpur
30-Aug-2014   Industrial Visit to Pragati Power Corporation