Minor Project (7th Semester MAE) - Guidelines for Students

  1. Students are required to work on a Minor Project (ETAT 457) in the 7th semester. They are supposed to work on their project in groups. Each group shall consist of minimum of three (03) or maximum of five (05) students. Students are advised to form groups among themselves, otherwise the groups will be formed by the department and no further changes will be entertained.
  2. Students shall choose one faculty member as their project guide. The areas of interest of the faculty members of the MAE department are available on the department website.
  3. Once the topic is identified, a synopsis shall be submitted by each project group to the Project Evaluation Committee duly signed by the project supervisor (guide). The synopsis  evaluation is normally done within first fortnight after commencement of academic session.
  4. Each project group has to give 10 minutes presentations during the synopsis evaluation. Approval / Rejection of project will be at the sole discretion of Project Evaluation Committee. Synopsis presentation can be of maximum 20 slides as follows:
    S.NO. Slides on
    1 Name of Project, students (with Enrollment No.) and supervisor(s)
    2 Motivation for present work
    3 Proposed Objectives
    4 Proposed Methodology
    5 Cost involved and Procurement strategy
    6 Lab Equipments/Facility (inside or outside the institute) required
    7 Gantt Chart and Weekly Action Plan
  5. Students are required to meet their Project supervisor regularly (atleast once a week). Each Group must submit a monthly progress report to the Project Coordinator duly signed by supervisor. Continuous evalution is done by the Project supervisor on the basis of Monthly Progress Report. 
  6. A Mid Term Evalution of Project is normally done during the mid- term examination of semester by the Project Evalution Committe. The group need to submit a mid-term report and give a 15-20 minute presentation. Mid-term presentation can be divided into following slides:
    S.No Slides on
    1 Name of Project, students (with Enrollment No.) and supervisor(s)
    2 Aim / Objectives / Deliverable
    3 Literature survey 
    3 Work done so far / Objectives achieved
    4 Problem faced / prospective solution
    5 Future course of action
    6 Comparison with the Gantt chart which was submitted during synopsis 
  7. End -Term Evalution of Project is done on the basis of group presentation during Internal exam and external exam. Student need to submit a project report before end term evalution. Following format can be adopted for Research based Project Report
  • Research Topic
  • Background/Introduction of the problem
  • Problem Statement
  • Significance of the study
  • Review of related literature
  • Definition of terms
  • Prerequisite Assumptions
  • Proposed method/Algorithm/Procedures
  • Proof of correctness (optional)
  • Experimental Results/Performance/Analysis (Static/Dynamic)
  • Conclusion and Future scope
  • Bibliography

9. Student are encouraged to write research paper on the basis of their project work. Each group must also submit a poster of their project at the end of semester.

10Students will also be evaluated for their code of conduct, discipline and mannerism other than quality of work. Absenteeism, ignorance and non reporting will result in reduction of marks.

Potential Sources of Research Problems: 

  • Referred recent published and unpublished research papers.
  • Any ongoing Project.
  • Analysis for Improvement/enhancement of an existing mechanical component. 
  • Designing a new component based on an engineering concept
  • Interdisciplinary based research/project.
  • Research Based Paper should be from a standard Journal/Conference or authentic website.