HoD Message


Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest stream of engineering and is one of the most challenging and exciting career.  At MAIT we have B.Tech Program in Mechanical and Automation Engineering, the course curriculum of which is designed considering the current need and requirement of trained professional in Industries. Engineers must address the most pressing problems facing society – problems with energy, water, food, health, and the environment – and do it in a sustainable, ethical, and humane way. Today engineering education and learning is passing through a major transition due to an availability of internet and fast communication. Students have access to varied information on any topic at the click of buttons of his mobile phone. The role of educators is critical in such scenario. He must satisfying the queries of young minds and motivate and help them to understand the engineering concepts. There are also radical transformations being wrought by technology which has witness the enormous excitement about online education. I believe there are huge opportunities to transform the way we teach engineering, and even who we teach it to. It will require effective professional development for both new and experienced instructors alike.


Dr. Ved Nath Mathur