Technical Society

Department of Mechanical & Automation Engineering has following Technical Societies


Around 75 students of MAE Department are members of SAE Collegiate club..The purpose of the SAE society is:

  • To enhance the knowledge base of members who are mobility practitioners within India
  • To provide to its members access to SAE International programs and services globally enabling them to practice world class standard in productivity and quality
  • To develop technical and scientific reports and engineering standards for the benefit of mankind
  • To provide a forum for members to informally exchange views and ideas
  • The society organizes various events to promote various ability developments amongst students and provide them a platform to implement their creation.

Competitions like Supra SAEINDIA, Baja SAE INDIA, Efficycle SAE INDIA are some of the events organised by SAE society. Collegiate Club help the students in managing their team with their objective. At present there are two teams ‘Team JatayuandTeam Kalam’ which are preparing for participation in various Events






In the last few years robotics activities in India has moved well beyond the traditional areas of industrial applications and entered newer domains of education, rehabilitation, entertainment, and even into our homes. Indian robotics researchers have similarly grown from a handful to over a hundred engaged in research labs, education, industry, etc.

Many of us feel that it is about time to form an academic society to further augment our robotics activities and for better interaction among ourselves. With this objective, our students got together to form a Robotics society.