3D Printer Lab 

  • An MOU has been signed with Curosity 3D, New Delhi and set up a 3D printing lab Room No. 206 where three 3D printers are being installed for the research and development purpose funded by AICTE SPICES to SAE INDIA Collegiate Club of MAIT. 
  • Curiosity 3D has agreed to provide the lab setup in the institute where students can learn about the new courses being taught like 3D printing. 
  • Curiosity 3D has agreed to carry out Inhouse Training (IHT) program which is a part of course curricula of 6th sem students in the institute.
  • Inhouse training for 6th semester students, two sessions has been carried out for 2020-21 session in April-May in online mode due to covid duration and for 2021-22 session in Feb-March in online and offline mode in college premises. 

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MOU sign between CUROSITY 3D and MAE-MAIT Department

  • A Club of 3D Printer is also being developed in the department where some students carry out the projects and develop certain models for Research work. 
  • One of the students A. Pratyush of 6th semester has developed a 3D printer of its own and report of the same has also been prepared for documentation of the same.


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Workshop of IHT course 2021 6th Sem students in MAE Dept. MAIT

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Online Class for IHT Course

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3D Printer in Lab (Room No. 206)

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Some Samples produced Using 3D Printer:

Students Story




3D Printed Concept Portable Speaker - bird inspired design